Clothing Styles Women Find Most Attractive in Men

Attractive Clothing Styles

Apart from having a good body shape and taking good care of yourself, dressing well, differently and unique is another feature that will make men look more interesting.

Today CRE8 streetwear will guide you through attractive clothing styles to make men look sexy to women. Now let’s have a look at the top 4 attractive clothing styles that girls “love to look at”.

“Casual Style”
A casual style is perhaps men’s best chance to express a true sense of personal style. Dressing casually is about finding the right balance between comfort, individuality and style. Almost 40% of women find casual outfits for men attractive. Men can pick a white t-shirt with chinos and a pair of sport shoes as their favorite outfits, nothing sexier but this comfortable look is easy enough to achieve for most men.

Isn’t it frustrating having to decide on what pants to wear for a certain occasion / situation? Sure, jeans are perfect casual wear and great for a trip to the mall but you can’t venture into the wilderness or walk on the beach in a tropical climate in a pair. Likewise, a pair of outdoor trousers may be suited to the rigors of outdoor use but style-wise may be lacking for more formal occasions.

Casual Dess Style

“Smart casual Style”
Women voted “The Gentleman Look” as the most attractive clothing style in a recent study. Dressing up as a gentleman only means that you need to be dressed up decently and can be adopted into a different social circle and formal social gathering or for that matter can be of immense interest to the opposite sex.

Dressing in a gentleman’s style or smart formal style will make you look more credible and professional because this style is relatively conservative, it’s less influenced by short lived fashion trends. It’s thus easier to future proof your wardrobe with a few selected items that every man should own. Smart casual wear revolves around a set of classic essentials that form the building blocks of your personal style. From dressed up pants like well fitted jeans or chinos to button up shirts and shoes, we guarantee that smart casual style will make you look more attractive.

Smart Casual Clothes

“K-pop idol style”
The trend of dressing like Korean celebrities is hugely popular and among the most attractive clothing styles, especially in Asia. This aesthetic is influenced by the global success of many Korean drama series. We can’t take our eyes off the boys dressed up as the characters of our favorite drama series. This style includes fashion items, a hairstyle, or the addition of accessories of a young Korean men’s street style. When girls see a man dressed up in this look, they always want to step in and say hello.

This style is ideal for those who do not want to appear too mature. T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, or jackets are the options. You can stick to solid colors or include some bright patterns. The hairstyle is also important when we go for this style and it should not be overlooked. However, we don’t recommend dressing up as completely similar as an artist in K-Pop MV because it’s often over the top and unrealistic looking.

K-Pop Clothes

“American teenager style”
The young American stereotype always catches our attention because of its use in popular culture. Oversized shirts, cool jeans or sneakers are the best look to wear if you want a trendy, teenage look. ” American Young males” are typically dressed in sweaters or long-sleeved T-shirts rolled up around the elbow or a basic turtleneck. Wearing a more “layered” attire is another way to achieve an effortless teenager image such as a bleached denim jacket or an unlined blazer.

Don’t be frustrated if you don’t have a lot of clothes and shoes. Have a range of accessories on hand, such as belts, hats, and jewelry. simply mixing and matching your accessories with the available clothes, you may create unique styles every time. Of course girls don’t like a man with a boring outfit. This tip will never make you feel like you’re wearing the same clothing over and over. In addition it will make you charming as a teenager.

American Teenager Clothes

We hope men who are reading this will get some ideas to adapt to your own personality. We also would like to Introduce the all day chino pants and stretchy suit by Rhapsody Culture. Featuring a unique blend of materials that offers a stylish look suitable for both formal and informal occasions, but also enough stretch to allow for all day comfort, each item tailored to perfection that will never disappoint you.

Clothing style will not only make you more attractive it will also impress the people around you. The most important thing that will win you the hearts of women whilst being a gentleman. If the actions are not as good as the clothes you wear you will become an unattractive man. So when you know the technique of dressing to please the girls you should work on developing your personality to be a good gentleman for girls as well.

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