As a leading knitwear manufacturer, we offer custom sweaters tailored to your needs.

Custom Jumpers
Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.
Custom sweaters from the leading knitwear manufacturer in Thailand.

We offer custom sweaters including sweaters and knitwear for men, women and children. As a leading knitwear manufacturer, we can provide custom designs and bespoke print / delivery solutions specific for your brand. Our custom sweaters come in a range of materials and fabrics.

The talented team at CRE8 Streetwear can create high quality sweaters using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly procedures during the development of your order. The custom sweaters provide immaculate fitting for your desired material and CRE8 Streetwear can produce small and large orders.

Our knitwear manufacturer is able to produce;

– Long Sleeve O-Neck Thin Short Elegant Casual Sweaters
– Pullover Women Sweater
– Wholesale Autumn and Winter Crew Neck Jumpers Sweater
– Solid Color Sweater

Contact CRE8 Streetwear today for your custom knitwear query and a member of our team will respond within 24 hours.


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    Fast Production.
    Fast Delivery

    Through our expertise in sweater designing and manufacturing, we offer fast production lead times and fast delivery to your door.



    Our custom sweaters have reasonable prices but still respect the environment and strive to improve the life of the workers.



    Our sweater factory has a production capacity of nearly 10,000 pieces per month and we can ship worldwide.

    Highest Quality Sweater Designer and Manufacturer in Thailand
    We aim to be the best knitwear manufacturer in Thailand adhering to the highest possible standards.
    Sweater Size Chart
    Ethical and responsible Asian Streetwear factory.
    Respectful to the environment

    CRE8 Streetwear sources materials from environmentally trusted suppliers and we optimize our production in terms of loss. We are one the very few clothing manufacturing companies that have implemented a clear waste recycling production system in Thailand.

    Respectful in terms of human rights

    At CRE8 streetwear we value our workers and provide them with the best working environment as we can.  We aim to produce high quality clothing but also to raise the quality of life for our workers and provide benefits for them that they would never be able to receive at most garment factories.

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