Our Thai tshirt factory makes round neck, V neck, long sleeve, short sleeve, skater, hip hop and vintage

Tshirt Manufacturer in Thailand
Tshirt Manufacturer Thailand
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CRE8 Streetwear is a leading tshirt manufacturer in Thailand and can supply what you are looking for, we have a huge range of styles – round neck, v-neck, long sleeve, short sleeve, skater, hip hop and vintage, all of which in a staggering range of colours, fabrics and sizes.

Printing – we got you covered – all types of printing and design – you dream it – we’ll print it.

Embroidery – full range with advanced technology.

Our Thai tshirt factory emphasizes high quality fabric that has been sustainably sourced.

Each tshirt design/fabric will be on a case by case decision and we can normally supply the following fabrics

Our Standard tshirt fabrics include:
C20 – 190 GSM
C32 – 160 GSM
C40 – 135 GSM
Poly Cotton Blends
Light weight
Medium weight
Heavy weight
Polo Lacoste knit
Polo 100% cotton
Polo micro fiber
Tri blends*

*tri-blends are a blend of three materials: cotton, polyester, and rayon. Rayon is the real magic here. It’s a manufactured material, but it’s not considered synthetic because it’s made with an organic material, wood pulp. Through different manufacturing techniques, rayon can feel like silk, wool, linen, or cotton. It’s pretty amazing that you can do so much with some wood!

**Hemp has been around for a long time, but hemp apparel is just beginning to take off –– and for good reason. Not only is hemp insanely comfortable to wear, but it’s also actively saving the planet by absorbing massive amounts of carbon dioxide. We recommend checking out this t-shirt from Royal Apparel if you’re looking to try a hemp t-shirt.

When looking for a tshirt manufacturer in Thailand look no further!


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    Fast Delivery

    Through our expertise we offer fast production lead times and fast delivery to your door.



    We focus on high to premium quality clothes that have reasonable prices but still respecting the environment and improving the life of the workers.



    Our garment factory has a production capacity of nearly 10,000 pieces per month and we can ship worldwide.

    Highest Quality Tshirt Manufacturer in Thailand
    We aim to be the best tshirt manufacturer in Thailand adhering to the highest possible standards.
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    Ethical and responsible Asian Streetwear factory.
    Respectful to the environment

    Cre8 Streetwear sources materials from environmentally trusted suppliers and we optimize our production in terms of loss. We are one the very few companies that have implemented a clear waste recycling production system in Thailand.

    Respectful in terms of human rights

    At CRE8 streetwear we value our workers and provide them with the best working environment as we can.  We aim to produce high quality clothing but also to raise the quality of life for our workers and provide benefits for them that they would never be able to receive at most garment factories.

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