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You think it – we will CRE8 it!

Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.
As a leading apparel manufacturer in Asia, we are committed to our customers’ success from start to finish. Our input helps make their clothing requirements a success.

CRE8 is the sister company to the famous L’Atelier workshop and clothing manufacturer, both based in Chiang Mai, Thailand – The centre for Asian fashion and expertise with a very competitively priced workforce.  CRE8 Streetwear is idea driven, working with a strong emphasis on quality, design and user satisfaction making us a leading apparel manufacturer in Asia.

Both companies are driven by our Award-winning Fashion director: Nathalie Fordeyn, a well known name in the international fashion business.  Nathalie has worked as a fashion designer for many of the big Fashion Houses in Paris, Milan and New York: Galliano, Sonia Rykiel, Diane Von Fursterberg and several other fashion houses in Europe and in the USA. Nathalie Fordeyn was raised in Thailand and educated in Europe – including The Prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.  Nathalie is uniquely suited to the manufacture of apparel in Thailand as her roots and language as a Thai Citizen and her education and work experience in the major capitals of Europe and America give her a clear advantage over her competitors.  Nathalie Fordeyn also designs and manufactures a stunning range of women’s sunglasses which are sold throughout the world.

At CRE8 Streetwear, we speak French, English, Dutch, Thai and are ready to serve your needs.

Our company has comprehensive services with in-house designers, patterns makers, cutting edge machines & technology and experienced seamstresses ready to help you produce the perfect streetwear brand.

Our factory adheres to ethics and environment engagement. We also focus on high to premium quality clothes that have reasonable prices but still respecting the environment and improving the life of the workers.

Our Services


Fast Production.
Fast Delivery

As the leading apparel manufacturer in Asia, we offer fast production lead times and fast delivery to your door.



We focus on high to premium quality clothes that have reasonable prices but still respecting the environment and improving the life of the workers.



Our garment factory has a production capacity of nearly 10,000 pieces per month and we can ship worldwide.

European Standard Streetwear Manufacturer in Thailand
Ethical and responsible apparel manufacturer in Thailand.
Respectful to the environment

Cre8 Streetwear sources materials from environmentally trusted suppliers and we optimize our production in terms of loss. We are one the very few companies that have implemented a clear waste recycling production system in Thailand making us the best apparel manufacturer in Thailand.

Respectful in terms of human rights

At CRE8 streetwear we value our workers and provide them with the best working environment as we can.  We aim to produce high quality clothing but also to raise the quality of life for our workers and provide benefits for them that they would never be able to receive at most garment factories.


Hi, I am Nathalie, raised in Thailand, educated in Thailand, the UK and Belgium. I studied fashion at The Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp.  I have worked as a fashion Designer at many of the big fashion houses in New York and Paris including Galliano, Sonia Rykiel and Diane Von Fursterberg.   I am active and outgoing, I strive for perfection and I give 110% to everything I do.
I am deeply passionate about my work and my team. I speak English, Thai, French and Dutch.

CRE8 Streetwear Team

Sawasdee Ka, I am Koi and I am the General Manager at CRE8 Streetwear. I also specialise in pattern making with 29 years of experience. I love what I’m doing and I love my team.

CRE8 Team

Sawasdee Ka, I am Duang, I am 55 years old, My experience in pattern making and cutting is for more than 39 years. Being a tailor has become a part of my life and I enjoy working with my team. What makes me happy is when I see people wearing what I produce.

CRE8 Team

Hi, I am Sasicha, I am passionate about fashion and design. I have been working as the production manager for a couple of years it may not seem long but this kind of job is always about learning new trends and creating better ones. I speak English and Thai.

CRE8 Team - Sales

Hi, I am Jane, born and raised in Thailand, but have been lucky enough to travel the world. I am the Sales Team Leader at CRE8 Streetwear. Our sales motto is “undersell and over deliver”  we strive to make this happen for every client. I can speak English and Thai.

CRE8 Streetwear Team - Designer

Hi, I am Mommam, I’m a graduate from Rajamangala university of technology Lanna, where I majored in International Business Management, my passion is design and marketing, I love the challenges that CRE8 streetwear brings my way. I get immense satisfaction when my clients are happy. I can speak English and Thai.


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