CRE8 Streetwear is a leading hoodie manufacturer offering a wide variety of fabrics and print options.

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The leading hoodie manufacturer in the business - flexible order numbers, fabric and style.

CRE8 Streetwear is a leading hoodie manufacturer in Thailand with extensive experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of hoodies and other clothing.  Our hoodie factory has a large professional team who work with our clients from inception through to delivery guaranteeing satisfaction.

Our hoodie factory uses the best fabrics, which can be sourced both locally and globally and we purchase direct from the suppliers. Our hoodie fabrics are soft, with long lasting colour and abrasion resistance as well as being respectful to the environment.

Our standard hoodie’s weigh 220g/270g/320g/350g/400g depending on the fabric. We’re flexible in that we can ship the plain hoodies to your destination for final print or we can design and print the artwork and pattern ourselves prior to shipping. We offer embroidered patterns or screen-printed patterns depending on your requirements.

Our hoodie fabrics include:
– Hemp blend with organic cotton 250-470 gsm.
– Recycled polyester blend with recycled cotton 250 gsm.
– French terry 100% cotton 280 gsm.
– Bamboo terry 240 gsm.
– Organic Thai kapok 220-350 gsm.

If you’re looking for the best hoodie manufacturer in the industry, then look no further than CRE8 Streetwear.


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    Fast Production.
    Fast Delivery

    Through our expertise in hoodie designing and manufacturing, we offer fast production lead times and fast delivery to your door.



    We focus on high quality hoodies that have reasonable prices but still respecting the environment and improving the life of the workers.



    Our polo hoodie factory has a production capacity of nearly 10,000 pieces per month and we can ship worldwide.

    Highest Quality Hoodie Designer and Manufacturer in Thailand
    We aim to be the best hoodie manufacturer in Thailand adhering to the highest possible standards.
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    Ethical and responsible Asian Streetwear factory.
    Respectful to the environment

    CRE8 Streetwear sources materials from environmentally trusted suppliers and we optimize our production in terms of loss. We are one the very few clothing manufacturing companies that have implemented a clear waste recycling production system in Thailand.

    Respectful in terms of human rights

    At CRE8 streetwear we value our workers and provide them with the best working environment as we can.  We aim to produce high quality clothing but also to raise the quality of life for our workers and provide benefits for them that they would never be able to receive at most garment factories.

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