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Apparel Manufacturer in Chiang Mai
Clothing Labels and Tags

Yes we can – from your established brand designs or we help create your own.  Provide CRE8 Streetwear with your clothing labels and tag requirements and we will do the rest!  As the leading apparel manufacturer in Chiang Mai we have the small details sorted.

Clothing Design Service Thailand
Technical Drawings, Graphic Design, Print Design and More

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. But it is also in the first moment of a fashion project that we lay down the story behind the clothes and the technical structure of the garments. This is why this particular moment is very crucial in every apparel and clothing manufacturing project.

Need help with design to arrange or place your artwork on mock up? The CRE8 Streetwear dedicated professional artists can assist you in all aspects of graphic arrangement.   All artwork will be presented to you for approval before production begins. The copyright will be owned by the customer.  We are the leading apparel manufacturer in Chiang Mai providing a One Stop Shop for your needs.

Apparel Manufacturer in Chiang Mai
Pattern Making and Sample Making Process

Our professional pattern makers in Thailand have 20 years’ experience in the field and can confidently help you create the pattern for your new brand collection.

Sample Making Process
CRE8 Streetwear can help design and produce a custom designed streetwear prototype.  We can produce this from and actual sample piece that you would like to modify into your own creation, a new design / technical drawing or pattern.

Clothing Production Chiang Mai
Production and Manufacturing

From the first step of the clothing manufacturing process, every material and textile passes through the expert hands of our pattern makers and highly trained team, some of whom have over 30 years of experience.  The patterns are not machine made as they are all cut by hand.  The sample, as well as the production pieces are stitched by hand.

The team at CRE8 Streetwear takes pride in ensuring each step of the process is carefully crafted and executed to provide the best handmade garments in Thailand with global standards, which is why we’re the leading apparel manufacturer in Chiang Mai.

Printing and Embroidery
Printing and Embroidery

Screen Printing

CRE8 Streetwear provides full service silk screen printing.  We prepare the set up, prepare a sample upon request and after the quality control process we arrange for shipping to your destination.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing uses heat to essentially bring ink and fabric together as one.  First a design is printed onto special paper, the inks used turn into a gas when bought under heat, which combine with the fabric for a permanent print.  It’s ideal for t-shirts, great for hoodies, ideal for socks, providing they have a high polyester content and popular for sports clothing.  Sublimation printing offers crisp, sharp detail, nearly an unlimited colour range, photographic quality and it is long lasting.  Dye penetrates deep into the fibres meaning the print is extremely fade resistant and will likely outlive most, if not all other print methods so despite an initial higher set up cost, the savings over time make it worthwhile.

Flex Printing

Flex printing is an advanced type involving thermally pasting vinyl sheet designs onto your streetwear.  The process is long lasting and cost efficient.


CRE8 Streetwear can do your embroidery by using the advanced machine in any size and colour to represent your brand to give its uniqueness and it’s own identity.  Contact us today for your embroidery requirements and we will provide a quote within 48 hours.

Quality Control
Quality Control and Packaging Process

Quality control at source is unusual for clothing manufacturers in Thailand and indeed Asia.  Every fashion brand, in its early days, faces the same quality control problem. Indeed, it is one thing to make perfect prototypes but it is another thing to make sure that the production of hundreds of pieces has the same quality standard. This is why, CRE8 Streetwear has a systematic and detail-oriented check of every garment produced in its production process.

How do we Set the Quality Standard?

Every company, depending on its price positioning and its quality standards, has its own requirements. Some high-end fashion brand will need a very precise check while mass production retailers will set a lower standard on quality requirements depending on budget / requirements.  CRE8 Streetwear allow for you to decide the quality standard for your order.


All clothes, including tshirts, jackets, pants, sweaters, hats are packed into plastic bags.  We have a level of flexibility and can provide any document, certification or message within the packaging – please let us know when ordering if you have any requests.   We can also source specific bags for the packaging with different materials and branded / non branded.

Cut and Sew
Cut & Sew

We cut and sew on site. High grade fabrics. Quality workmanship.


No Logo – No Problem. We can design one for you at no cost.

Screen Print
Screen Printing

We are experts at screen print. Different effects to suit your needs.


High quality machines and imported ink. We provide brightest and sharpest results.


You name it, we’ll embroider it! Top quality machines and technology.

Quality Control
Quality Control

A specialty of ours. Thorough inspection of every single garment before packing.

Clothing Services
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