How Sustainable Fashion Trends are Changing the Industry

Sustainable Fashion Trends

While talking about fashion many people would think of clothing as a top priority. In fact, fashion refers to vogue, a style or method that is common for a period of time that is accepted as a value at a certain time or popular among people in society. Most of the time, we tend to use the word fashion with clothes and apparel.

Nowadays, the popularity of fashion products is changing more rapidly, causing some consumers to change their clothes to keep them up to date and purchase more fast fashion. This affects the behavior of consumers who buy not long-lasting and cheap clothes. When you don’t wear it,you can throw it away without feeling guilty until it becomes a disposable behavior. As a result of this behavior, unused clothing is eventually discarded as waste. It is also the second most polluting and environmentally damaging industry in the world.



What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion or Eco Fashion is a concept that promotes the transformation of fashion products towards ecological balance and social justice. The focus is not only on textiles or the materials used to produce fashion products. but also pay attention and consider the manufacturing process as well as the garment’s life cycle of the garments which leads to a good environment. and create balance for the world.

Fashion industry is one of the most polluting businesses in the world. Clothing production is resource intensive and often ends up generating a lot of waste but over the years, many fashion brands have become more responsive and environmentally conscious. Not because it’s just a trend, but because it’s the future of the fashion industry.

The changes start with the manufacturing process where many brands have come up with alternatives to produce products with fewer resources or less pollution, such as carbon neutral, the use of artificial carbon in the production process, zero waste. sustainable or upcycled, the use of waste materials to be processed for benefits and new designs.

With the massive impact of the global eco trend spreading to various business circles, allowing entrepreneurs to turn to produce more environmentally conscious products and services. The “fashion business” industry has become more aware of environmental impact. Some fashion brands have recently added a “second-hand goods” segment to their product line. Support the Sustainable Fashion concept and more focusing on reuse products.

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How to be sustainable?

Consumer behavior with fashion products is quite important and necessary for sustainability, but how to dress to be environmentally friendly? what kind of clothing does not harm the environment? and how to use fashion products to be sustainable?

The simple ways to use fashion products to be sustainable are as following;

Buy durable, high-quality clothing. Since the use of clothes is one of the factors that affect the environment, therefore, purchasing it is necessary to consider quality and life’s cycles. Buy clothing that is well-tailored and made of durable materials including clothes made from natural raw materials such as Hemp, Bamboo, Organic cotton or materials from recycling which has a production process that does not destroy the environment.

To make your clothes last longer, take good care of them. We should understand how to use and care for clothing, always read the labels on your clothes before cleaning, washing, or ironing because different fabrics require different treatments.

Recycle, reuse, or wear secondhand clothing. to avoid new purchases. Mixed and matched old clothing to make them more versatile to reduce the purchase of new clothes. It also helps to save spending more money.

In terms of various clothing brands that have adapted to do business in sustainable fashion more, starting from selecting raw materials that are environmentally friendly, modify production materials from 100% plant fibers or from recycled materials.

The production process that uses the least energy. including transport that does not cause pollution which can be considered as an adaptation to meet the changing needs of consumers who are more concerned about the environment.

CRE8 Streetwear Thailand is the foremost apparel manufacturer in Northern Thailand specializing in high quality design and sustainable materials including hemp, bamboo, organic cotton and recycled poly-cotton whilst ensuring ethical and sustainable practices.

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