How to Organize a Fashion Photoshoot

Fashion Shoot

Fashion photography requires multi skills to complete the presentation of the image including the camera techniques, photography, composition, story communication, the beauty of clothes, make-up, hairstyles and accessories. It might be difficult to do a fashion photoshoot by one person. We may need help from people with different skills in order to make a fashion photoshoot fun in the process and also can practice skills together.

Here at CRE8 STREETWEAR we often need pictures for our website and social media. These are some of the elements that we have to consider when considering how to organize a fashion photoshoot.

● The style
Fashion photography is an event that focuses on the presentation of fashion design. Emphasizing that “dressing well” is the key to prominence. You have to think creatively and out of the box, even if it’s just a simple fashion shoot. There must be visual elements that express emotion and storytelling.

Easy example, at CRE8 streetwear we create a story telling about the sustainable products that represent what we are focusing on such as we offer high high-quality production, ethical responsibility, transparency, and paid full wages.

● Think out of the box/ Think of something different
Taking photos from the same angle makes it boring. Believe in something new, try shooting with different perspectives and techniques. This also helps build a better brand image.

● The strengths
Emotions and reactions represent and guarantee a memorable brand image. A good photographer is able to convey an image that remains unique even if the model or location are changed.

CRE8 streetwear represents our strength by showing the uniqueness of our products. How are we different from other factories? We might say that we are using sustainable materials. Our products are friendly to humans and the environment, which will lead you to a better future.

The tricks of organizing a fashion photoshoot:

Fashion Photography


The first thing that we need to do is planning and setting a mood board to share the concept with the team including the photographer, stylists and the models. It will help us to get the ideas about the work concept, what needs to be prepared, clothing style, hairstyle, make-up, and models.

The techniques or tricks that we always use when we organize the fashion photoshoot is that we will set up the concept related identities of our product. Since we are focused on sustainable streetwear and offer a variety of eco-friendly fabrics such as Hemp, Bamboo, Organic cotton, Recycled polyester, etc. First of all, we will need to identify all the products that we have and think of what concept would work the best for each material. For example, Hemp, Bamboo, and organic cotton are the materials that require the natural fibers. We will set up the concept to combine nature with street fashion.

  • How to communicate about sustainable fashion throughout the picture? – How to style eco-friendly materials to look cool and modern. – The colors, mood, tone, and the attitude. – The composition of the picture represents the clothes and the features of our special fabrics.

    Choose the right camera and lens that suit the work. It depends on what the brand wants to convey. The necessary equipment includes multiple flashes, reflector or ordinary places with natural light. We need to have a prop in the foreground and manage to blur out not to steal the model’s scene and focus on the clothing. This helps to make the brand look more attractive in the picture. Or we can find another prop as a foreground to create a cool story with the brand as well.

    Lighting can be a little tricky. Because the light source must shine into the clothes or model. The direction of light and the intensity of the light is also important, therefore photo shooting in a studio may require some expertise in lighting. As for us we do a photoshoot at the outdoor locations. We don’t need to set up the lighting, we only need the natural light and find the best angle from that location.

    The photographer may not be able to communicate and design clothes, hairstyles, makeup as clearly as fashion stylists and makeup artists because to communicate with the audience, you have to understand what people want to see and What’s the special emphasis. Also, the presentation of the picture must be clear and easy to understand. The matching and positioning are also important. The clothing, make-up, and hairstyle must match the model with a great look. When we shoot, we will have a fashion stylist to design and organize our product before we do a photoshoot such as how to make basic hemp t-shirts look cool and match with streetstyle. We may need to add the screen printing or embroidery on the t-shirt to make it more interesting and respond to the street fashion trend.

    Model selection is very important because the model will have to communicate directly with the audience. An appearance, look, expression or posing, all require communication from the model. Therefore, we need to choose the model that suits the brand image. CRE8 streetwear we will do fitting with models before we shoot. To stylist the best look for our model we will have to let them try on the clothes. For example, the model with tan skin might suit the oversize t-shirt with a cool printing match with the short or sweatpants and long socks. This way will help us to see which style creates the perfect look for each model.

    The location depends on the concept of the brand. Choosing a location is important to control the story in the picture. Fashion photography can be done both inside and outside. We can do a photoshoot in a studio or search for a place outside such as a cafe, beach, or street where the photographer can use natural light. It may be difficult to set up lighting in the studio or you may want nature to be part of the picture to tell the story; this depends on the concept of the brand. CRE8 streetwear we chose the outdoors location with the street cafe and building with cool graffiti. This helps to bring out the street fashion from our clothes. The location also helps us to express the brand image.

    Once we have a mood board, location and models ready, we have to create a call sheet which has clear information of the shooting date and time, location, the responsibility of each staff member and models including the contact details.

    When thinking about how to organize a fashion photoshoot, the main focus is people. First of all, every photographer should get to know and talk with models to reduce anxiety, tension and create a relaxed atmosphere. Including briefs posting to get the most natural behind the camera shots. Models are the main focus of fashion pictures. And it is important for photographers to find the strengths of the models. Which angle is beautiful? How should the model turn their face? or how should they post? Posing must be a fashion trend. The style of fashion poses is not the same as general portrait poses. It is necessary to show the usability of the clothes, the movement to see the design, and the features of fabrics. The posture must be designed and planned to look beautiful, natural, and express the brand concept.

    Why do we need the 2nd and 3rd plans? At the shooting location, the accident can happen at any time. For example, raining or storming. Not only the location that can cause the problem of shooting, the staff, models or the photographer also can get in an accident. Therefore, the 2nd plan is always necessary for the urgent situation.

    How to Organize a Fashion Photoshoot

    How to Organize a Fashion Photoshoot

Fashion photography is extremely challenging. Even though you use the professional photographer which has perfect technique. But if you decide to choose the wrong fashion designer, models, or even choose the wrong scene, the picture will definitely not make an impression. I hope some of the tricks above will help you to understand how to organize a fashion photoshoot, feel free to contact us for more information!

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