Recycled Fabrics

Recycled Fabrics

How does fabric get recycled?

Eco fabrics do not always have to come from nature. If standard textiles are sorted, graded and reused again to make recycled fabrics for different end uses, they can also be termed as eco fabrics.

Fabric and other textiles do not have to be thrown out in the trash as after all, they’re not really trash. Fabric can actually be recycled and reused several times and it can also be donated so it can be given the chance at a second life in someone else’s wardrobe.

Man-made fibers like Polyester and fabrics including cotton are the most used and popular in the world. The way to reduce the toxic and pollution from producing polyester fabric is to create polyester out of recycled plastic bottles and this similar progress has also been made to recycle other synthetic fibers types like nylon and spandex to make recycled fabrics and to prevent the waste going to landfill. Find out more about these recycled fabrics below.

Recycled polyester

The recycled Polyester yarns are made from the recycling of PET plastic bottles. This is helping to stop the flood of plastic in the seas and oceans as well as landfills and helps to protect the environment. Recycled polyester produced from synthetic fibers. Instead of utilizing new materials to craft, the fabric recycled polyester is obtained by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber.

Recycled Polyester

Recycled cotton

Recycled Cotton yarn is made with recycled cotton fabrics, they are cut into pieces, converting cotton fabric into fiber that can be reused in the textile products. Recycled cotton is also commonly referred to as regenerated cotton or reclaimed cotton.

Advantages of recycled Fabrics:

  • Using more recycled fabric reduces the use of petroleum as the raw material for our fabric needs.
  • Diverting PET bottles for this process reduces landfill, and reduces soil contamination, air, and water pollution
  • Recycled fabrics require less energy than producing virgin fabric.
  • Recycled fabric can be recycled again and again with very less or no degradation of quality.
  • Use of recycled fabrics has significant importance as it provides both environmental and economic benefit.

    Recycled Cotton

Streetwear Thailand is committed to utilizing recycled fabrics for our customers and reducing our environmental impact. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us for more information!

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